The costs shall be calculated based on the weight and the destination of the package. In any case, the costs shall be calculated and stated in the basket upon the compilation of the order. For Italy, shipment costs are set at € 5.00.


Any and all orders shall not exceed 70 kg. For heavier orders, the Customer shall directly contact the Customer Service to the following address: . The shipment costs with national courier shall be promptly notified to the Customer.
A national standard courier shall be used for the delivery and the goods shall be delivered within 2-3 working days starting from the delivery date from our warehouse. The goods shall be delivered to the address stated upon the confirmation of the order. In the event that it differs from the one stated upon the registration, it is necessary to set forth the correct one upon the purchase.
The ordered goods shall be delivered after payment.
The courier for the delivery shall make 3 attempts. After that, a written notice shall be left to the Customer who shall get back the item at the nearest logistic office.
It is possible for the Customer to check the order from his personal web page at any time. In case of any problems pertaining the request and, anyway, after the delivery, an email shall be sent to the address stated upon the registration.
For any information, the Customer shall notify to the following address:


For foreign countries, any and all prices shall range from country to country and from the weight categories. The exact amount shall be calculates and put forward upon the purchase after having stated any and all shipment data.